Compliance & JOSCAR



Leidos UK have recently signed up to JOSCAR, an accreditation system for the defence industry operated by Hellios Information. JOSCAR is a tool that supports third-party risk management, providing robust information for companies issuing tenders and improving the bidding experience for potential suppliers.

JOSCAR offers a host of benefits for the Logistics, Commodities and Supplies Transformation Programme and our Suppliers, driving greater process efficiency. Over 6,500 suppliers are already pre-registered with JOSCAR, offering its members time savings when bidding for work. Part of the registration process includes providing their details to a database of Supplier accreditations and certifications e.g. Cyber Essentials, ISO etc. These details are held and managed by JOSCAR rather than manually in-house, providing both internal efficiencies and more robust data for our Customer.

Combined with the above, JOSCAR offers knowledge exchange and networking opportunities with other 'buying' organisations. As a member of the JOSCAR Governance Group, knowledge on important political, economic or legislative changes can be exchanged and discussed.


  • Suppliers provide a single profile of validated data that is shared, increasing efficiency and reducing resource effort and costs, especially for SMEs, which removes the amount of inconsistencies and duplication of work;
  • JOSCAR provides a common supplier qualification and compliance process that is fair, equal and transparent;
  • The continuous validation process ensures all supplier information is accurate and up to date, collecting information on over a dozen areas of compliance. Examples include information and cyber security, counterfeit goods, business continuity and quality assurance;
  • JOSCAR is designed to make the process of pre-qualification or accreditation as efficient as possible for suppliers– saving a significant amount of the time, effort and cost associated with working for multiple clients;
  • Expert advice is provided throughout the process to guide both parties through the system, and:
  • Suppliers are kept up to date with the latest legislation and industry best practice. Identifying any potential business improvement opportunities may help to increase competitive advantage.

Depending on the type of products supplied, and information managed by each supplier, costs will range from free of charge to £725+VAT per annum.

For more information about JOSCAR or to login, use the link below: