About Us

Team Leidos is honoured to support the UK MOD’s Logistic Commodities & Services Transformation (LCS[T]) programme, a critical effort to enhance and improve the UK’s defence supply chain — providing essential services such as:

  • Storage and distribution for the MOD's materiel, including a global freight service
  • Procurement and inventory management of food, packed fuels, clothing, medical materiel and general supplies


Team Leidos will help transform the UK's defence supply chain by providing an integration of a complex mixture of services, at low risk, using a modern suite of systems that will deliver one version of the truth. For the first time, the MOD will see the whole picture, as it is happening.

Team Leidos is made up of an expert team of defence and logistic specialist subcontractors, including:

Data Centre Services
Storage, Distribution and Freight
Storage, Distribution and Freight
Commodity Support Services

Team Leidos will work with the MOD to modernise and transform the LCS organisation into a streamlined, end-to-end commodity support chain able to meet the Operational Commanders' requirements at the point of need. In making available comprehensive, meaningful and immediate management information, all stakeholders will be able to make informed decisions that will drive improvements in the support chain.

Our near-real-time data monitoring, reporting, and analysis will directly inform procurement decisions and allow for more accurate demand planning. The results will speak for themselves:

  • Inventory reduction;
  • Increased stock turns;
  • Reduced storage costs; and
  • A more efficient distribution process, all resulting in considerable savings over the life of the contract.

Above all, the most important result of the changes to LCS will be the Front Line Commands getting what they need, when they need it at lower costs and improved service levels. MOD customers will be able to see accurate stock levels and stock in transit, as live data, enabling them to make better decisions. This will further increase the efficiency of the services and generate much higher customer confidence.