Future Opportunities

Requirements planned to be advertised within the next 6 months
Medical Equipment Framework Mar-24
Supply and Support for Blood and Plasma Storage Units (BSU) Mar-24
Supply of Alliance Solus Pharmaceutical Products Mar-24
In-Flight Catering - UAE Mar-24
In-Flight Catering - Canada Mar-24
In-Flight Catering - Jordan Mar-24
In-Flight Catering - Kenya Mar-24
In-Flight Catering - Bahrain Mar-24
Supply of Welders Headset Mar-24
Supply of Household Division Horse Riding Safety Equipment (Equine PPE) Apr-24
The Supply of Hand Tools Including Abrasives, Brushes, Scalpel Blades & General Hardware Products Apr-24
Medical Device Decontamination Capability (MDDC) Forward Apr-24
Supply of ECW Gloves Apr-24
Eschmann sterilisers May-24
DR Go X Rays May-24
Supply of fasteners (re-let) Jun-24
Supply of Chemicals including Domestic and Specialist Cleaning Products Jun-24
Flaked Ice Making Machine Jun-24
Repair and Calibration of Fluke & Bio-Tek Test Equipment- Option Years Jun-24
Supply of Operational Ration Heaters Jul-24
Medical Device Decontamination Capability (MDDC) Rear Jul-24
Supply of Annual Influenza Vaccines Jul-24
Supply of batteries and associated items Aug-24
RH Stretcher Aug-24
Supply of Jerricans and Associated Consumables Aug-24
Janitorial Supplies Aug-24
This has been provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an invitation to submit a tender.
Leidos reserves the right to change or withdrawal the information without notice.
Updated as of February 28th 2024