Supplier FAQ

Packaging and labelling
It is not possible to have single NSNs per pallet without radically increasing the number of pallets/deliveries (and cost). Suppliers to do best to segregate NSNs, but agree exception so that mixed pallets are allowed where this is not possible. If mixed pallets are approved, all of any one NSN should be on one pallet and not spread across different pallets and all labels should be facing outwards.
If this is not possible suppliers should contact their CSS point of contact with full details so that discussions can be held about the best way to proceed. For the longer term CSS will look at ordering in pallet quantities. Where orders are already being raised to meet pallet quantities, deliveries must be made to meet a complete pallet quantity.
Use of NATO pallets NATO Pallets are not required. Wingless/Winged 1 Tonne Pallets are to be used. All pallets must meet ISPM 15 Regulations. Please see Appendix F for detailed specification. Pallets should also be stamped to ensure compliance.
Do pallets need to be heat treated and, if so, why? Yes, this is a key aspect of ISPM15 in order to reduce the risk of contamination of stock.
Can pallets be returned? No this is not currently possible. If this is a change to current arrangements please raise with CSS Commercial Team.
It is not possible to have Carton Labels for each NSN to be facing outwards. Contact CSS Commercial or Category Team to discuss and agree exception where appropriate.
Labels and barcodes – what should I do if I need to purchase new machine to meet Supplier Manual requirements This is required – if a significant issue, raise with your CSS Commercial Team
Label requirements too much for label size Specific issues to be flagged up to CSS Commercial Team to address case by case.
What are SSCC IDs (Serial Shipping Container Code) and where do I find them The SSCC label is a barcode that contains the product information. DEFSTANs and the Supplier Manual show the required types of Barcodes/SSCC labels required. The code is simply the item SKU or NSN.
What is Product Packing Configuration (PPC) and should I use it? PPC describes the way that a product is presented to the network, it should be consistent, and changes must be agreed with the CSS Supply Chain Co-ordinator.
What will happen if deliveries aren’t made iaw the contract (eg if PPQ is 10 but supplier delivers in packs of 15?) Suppliers should be encouraged to comply with the contract and if there is a good reason why what’s in the contract isn’t followed then need to consider amending the contract, subject to agreement from all stakeholders.
Deliver for Land, Sea and Air – will requirements be the same? The Supplier Manual covers deliveries into the Team Leidos network and may have requirements that are different to other MOD delivery points.
Driver to hand over keys before unloading commences Standard industry practice. Must comply.
Booking In and ASNs
Provision of NSN details on ASN (12 hours ahead) There will be an exceptions/ update process for when things change after ASN produced
How are ASNs generated? CP&F? Manually? You should continue to generate ASNs in the same way as you do today until advised otherwise. Please note that CSS will be rolling out the Supplier Information Portal (SIP) over the next few months and this will enable suppliers on our systems to generate ASNs.
Will a new ASN automatically supersede an earlier one? Yes. However any amendments to ASNs will still have to be received by the site not less than 12 hours in advance of your goods and vehicles arriving.
I use a courier. Should it be me or the courier who raises the ASN and if so how? It is your responsibility to raise the ASN using CP&F or SIP. The courier will not have access to either of these systems.
How do suppliers make bookings?
Is email acceptable?
Until the booking portal is available bookings should be made by calling the booking line (see details in Appendix C).
Email requests can be sent to
Impact of third party transport performance on supplier’s rating. Can’t guarantee courier complies with SM Most courier companies will be delivering regularly to Team Leidos warehouses so standard working practices will be agreed. Any particular issues should be raised with the CSS Supply Chain Co-ordinator or Commercial manager.
Early deliveries – we often deliver ahead of RDD As long as deliveries are agreed with CSS and booked in this should not be a problem. It is deliveries ahead of the booking slot which are problematic. In instances where deliveries are attempted prior to the agreed slot we will deal with on a case by case basis. If we can handle operationally without impacting on other deliveries/ outbound departures and all of the relevant documentation is in order then we are likely to tip.
Delivery window punctuality – use third party courier so not possible to guarantee KN will accommodate early or late deliveries if they can and it won’t cause a knock-on effect on other deliveries – should be manageable for small deliveries like these. 3PL carriers can generally agree a booking window for deliveries with Suppliers. It is important to understand that deliveries across all storage sites will offer some flexibility for late/early arrivals, however, this is NOT mandatory, and deliveries may be rejected where these rules are continually flaunted.
What happens if on the day of delivery the vehicle is unable to meet the booking slot due to issues with traffic or vehicle problems and will this impact on delivery performance? There is a 30 minute tolerance either side of the booking window. Beyond that, provided you notify us in advance of delays due to exceptional circumstances, using the same route as used to make the booking, this will not be recorded as a late delivery. Further details can be found in The Delivery Window Punctuality chapter of the Supplier Manual.
Timed deliveries not costed as it was not a requirement in the tender Can call on day – must be booked in for security. Any commercial/contractual implications should be raised with Commercial Team.
Provision of driver details Compliance with Driver PPE requirements for third parties. Should be provided by whoever does the booking in. Standard requirement which the delivery agent should be able to comply with.
Can obvious discrepancies be notified on the delivery paperwork rather than having to wait 72 hours? If it is possible this will be done but cannot guarantee currently to do so in all cases. We will endeavour to beat 72 hours wherever possible.
Supplier Manual Publication and Applicability
When and how will the manual be made available The Manual is available on the Supplier portal; any updates will also be published here:
Will contracts specify a particular version of the Manual or will suppliers be expected to comply with the latest version Contracts should refer to the version in place at the time of the contract and any significant changes would be notified via contract amendment. Historic versions of the Manual are also available via the Supplier Portal:
I am a Medical supplier and cannot comply with various requirements of the Supplier Manual due to the nature of the medical wholesale supply chain. What should I do? In the first instance please discuss with your usual CSS point of contact. All suppliers are encouraged to comply with as much as they can but if it is not possible to be fully compliant please provide the reasons in writing including the costs or other impact of compliance.
What about deliveries into West Moors or Direct Supply/Direct Delivery? The Supplier Manual Chapter 2 only applies to deliveries into Team Leidos warehouses (including deliveries to Purple Gate). However we would encourage all suppliers to comply with the requirements of Chapter 2, regardless of delivery location, as this represents best practice.
Stock Transition
What commodities are moving into the DFC and when? Stock moves commence in May 2018 starting with General Supplies and some Food items, followed by Clothing later in the year and Medical in 2019.
When will I know whether I need to deliver to a different location? Your usual CSS points of contact will inform you of this and if necessary you will be offered a contract amendment. When you ring up to book a delivery you will be informed of where to deliver. This may be different to the address on the Purchase Order due to the lead-times.
When stock transitions into the DFC will all items in a range be moved together? This is unlikely to be possible because of the way stock transition is being managed and therefore there is a possibility for suppliers to have to make deliveries into 2 locations for a short time. However we are aware of the need to be as flexible as possible to minimise the impact of transition on suppliers. There will still be trunking (ie movements by SD&F core fleet) between Bicester and Donnington
What is the Delivery Compliance Scorecard, how will it be implemented and what are the implications for suppliers? This is not yet in place, but it is intended to be a way of monitoring supplier delivery performance in order to identify and resolve any issues and drive continuous improvement – its application is being addressed as part of the development of SRM across CSS/Team Leidos.
What is the Exceptions process? This is an internal process to ensure appropriate scrutiny and approval of any proposed exceptions to any aspect of the supplier Manual Chapter 2. Any issues should be discussed in the first instance with the Commercial Team and Supply Chain Co-ordinator.