Future Opportunities

Requirements planned to be advertised within the next 6 months
Supply of ChemicalsJun-19
Army No2 DressJun-19
Waterproof SocksJun-19
Supply of ReagentsJun-19
Supply of Wholesale Pharmaceuticals/Specials/Unlicensed/Dispensing/OverlabellingJul-19
Equine - Saddlery & HarnessesJul-19
Supply of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation EquipmentJul-19
Veterinary ProductsAug-19
MDDC Support ContractAug-19
UK Deployable FoodAug-19
Aircraft Cleaning ChemicalsSep-19
Supply of Flags, Ensigns and PennantsSep-19
Fire fighting Foam & Foam EquipmentSep-19
M-Turbo / Sonosite Support UltrasoundNov-19

This has been provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an invitation to submit a tender.
Leidos reserves the right to change or withdrawal the information without notice.