eSourcing Supplier Guide

1.0 View OJEU Notice

2.0 Register for LSL eSourcing

2.1 Register Through LSL Supplier Self-Registration

2.2 Receive Confirmation for Supplier Registration

2.3 Receive Primary Contact eSourcing Login Account Notification

3.0 Login to LSL eSourcing

3.1 Login and Accept Terms of Use

3.2 Walk Through User Interface

4.0 Examine Tender Documents

4.1 Preview Procurement Documents

4.2 View Suitability Questionnaire and Accept Invitation

4.3 View Tender Questionnaire and Accept Invitation

4.4 Decline or Withdraw Participation

4.5 Create Supplier User Accounts

4.6 Add Supplier User Collaborators To Procurement Documents

5.0 Buyer Communication

5.1 Ask Questions Via Message Centre

5.2 Monitor Event Communication

6.0 Respond to Tender

6.1 Provide Answers to Evaluation Questions

6.2 Submit File Attachments

6.3 Provide Bid Prices to Items

6.4 Respond Offline - Download Bid Template

6.5 Respond Offline - Enter Bid Prices

6.6 Respond Offline - Upload Bid Template

6.7 Revise Bid Prices

6.8 Submit Tender Responses